Quinte West Garbage City

Garbage bag.png

Ashton Deroy Writes: I am writing this post as an active protest about the movement in managing the environment in Quinte West. Please like, comment & share. 

Quinte West Garbage city

To: Quinte West City Council 

From: Ashton Deroy 

Subject: Garbage City

Dear Quinte West government officials. Are you dumb? You are killing your town by suffocating them in garbage & carbon. Then you are advocating your city’s growth. Get it together & get a grip! No one should be so dumb they think our town is attractive to tourists. 

Seriously, we should be ashamed of how our town looks. The garbage, the dead animals lying about & the industrial area. I hope you will start considering the health of we the people & make some changes. This has already gotten out of hand. 


Ashton Deroy

To: Quinte West Tourists

From: Ashton Deroy

Subject: Should you visit Quinte West?

By no means should you visit Quinte West. People are getting hostile & confrontational about rich visitors. Seriously you should see some of the messages I get from service workers who are done with ya’ll. Get a clue & fit in! Or don’t show up at all. The town has had enough of you getting drunk and leaving garbage everywhere. 

Get the F### out of our town so that we can fix your mess! 


Ashton Deroy


Welcome to the QWAC


Written by Ashton Deroy:

Hey guys, so this is a brand new idea I am insanely enthusiastic about. Today on May 27th 2018. We have created the QWAC which is the Quinte West Arts & Culture forum. This is a project that my sister will be in a big part creative controller over. However, I will organize the sale of ad space & create content plans.

Why an arts & culture hub? Some are you are going to say something like “Quinte West has no significant contribution to arts & culture.” Actually, that is a load of garbage. Look at our library, look at our beautiful shores & our resilient community. Even consider the farmers we meet in coffee shops within Trenton Ontario.

That is by all definitions arts & culture. Listen as I am writing this I live up in North York. However, my family is still in Quinte West including my younger sister Ashley, My brother Matt & my other brother Kyle. I like to think they are in a community with a little more than nothing to offer.

So like & comment on our post. Get interactive on this forum because it matters. A lot of things moving forward are going to be managed by Ashley so I hope we are ready to get this going.

Where is Quinte West?

Where is Quinte West.png


Head south on Bay St toward Albert St
130 m

Use any lane to turn slightly left to stay on Bay St
300 m

Turn left onto Adelaide St W
Turn is not allowed Mon–Fri 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
140 m

Continue straight to stay on Adelaide St W
2.2 km

Continue straight onto Eastern Ave
240 m

Use the right lane to take the Don Valley Parkway N ramp