Photos around Frankford Ontario, Issues with tourism projects in Quinte West.

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Photographed by Ashton Deroy

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Today I was out and around Frankford taking some website photography spots of the tourist attraction, natural attractions, and the stuff Quinte West is trying to promote our culture. I have to say it feels good again giving this community a pulse of content and a sense of awareness of what this town is really like. I do have to say stuff like we have garbage issues, that tourist attractions are being blocked by weekend construction and that some of the development projects by the city government are a waste of money. These are important conversations to have. 

Three concerns that occurred to me when photographing Frankford Ontario: 

  • The Glen Ross Tourist attraction and damn was blocked
  • Construction workers who are employed by the city are blocking the convenience store’s business. 
  • As a tourist, you would not feel very accommodated in this area. 

What needs to happen? We need to get that area cleaned up and tourist-ready as soon as possible. The area needs to be promoted similarly to this post with much more digital reach. Lastly, we need to create some branded photos because some of these attractions may be the highlight of Quinte West.