Quinte West Garbage City

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Ashton Deroy Writes: I am writing this post as an active protest about the movement in managing the environment in Quinte West. Please like, comment & share. 

Quinte West Garbage city

To: Quinte West City Council 

From: Ashton Deroy 

Subject: Garbage City

Dear Quinte West government officials. Are you dumb? You are killing your town by suffocating them in garbage & carbon. Then you are advocating your city’s growth. Get it together & get a grip! No one should be so dumb they think our town is attractive to tourists. 

Seriously, we should be ashamed of how our town looks. The garbage, the dead animals lying about & the industrial area. I hope you will start considering the health of we the people & make some changes. This has already gotten out of hand. 


Ashton Deroy

To: Quinte West Tourists

From: Ashton Deroy

Subject: Should you visit Quinte West?

By no means should you visit Quinte West. People are getting hostile & confrontational about rich visitors. Seriously you should see some of the messages I get from service workers who are done with ya’ll. Get a clue & fit in! Or don’t show up at all. The town has had enough of you getting drunk and leaving garbage everywhere. 

Get the F### out of our town so that we can fix your mess! 


Ashton Deroy


Photos around Frankford Ontario, Issues with tourism projects in Quinte West.

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Photographed by Ashton Deroy

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Today I was out and around Frankford taking some website photography spots of the tourist attraction, natural attractions, and the stuff Quinte West is trying to promote our culture. I have to say it feels good again giving this community a pulse of content and a sense of awareness of what this town is really like. I do have to say stuff like we have garbage issues, that tourist attractions are being blocked by weekend construction and that some of the development projects by the city government are a waste of money. These are important conversations to have. 

Three concerns that occurred to me when photographing Frankford Ontario: 

  • The Glen Ross Tourist attraction and damn was blocked
  • Construction workers who are employed by the city are blocking the convenience store’s business. 
  • As a tourist, you would not feel very accommodated in this area. 

What needs to happen? We need to get that area cleaned up and tourist-ready as soon as possible. The area needs to be promoted similarly to this post with much more digital reach. Lastly, we need to create some branded photos because some of these attractions may be the highlight of Quinte West. 


Photo Gallery & The Quinte West story


Photographed by Ashton Deroy: 

Today when we were out & around Quinte West. My dad helped focussed my stoner self to help photograph some areas of interest around Quinte West. 

This was fun after a lot of time around Toronto stressed and being walked by constantly. It was nice to have the freedom and comfortability of a small town to photograph beautiful nature, architecture and town points of interest. 

Does it depress you to live in the city? Absolutely and it really doesn’t embody the Canadian spirit as well as an area like Quinte West. 

Let me paint an authentic picture of the Quinte West for once. One with the distasteful part, the military culture, the community culture & that with the future you need to include some flavors of the past. Let me tell you a story about an economy that is really now just recovering, but still has some kinks to sort out. Some of it you might think seems unnecessary to include, highlight or discuss. However, everything needs to show under its true light for what it is. 

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Why did you include pictures of a dead fish & garbage? Why do photographs have to be glossy and staged? The Quinte West tourism promotion is nice but it is not very honest. The truth is some of the people in Quinte West can be a lot like the garbage they are surrounded by. It is not a shot, it is just a look at how people are what they surround their environment in. 

We should be taking a level of responsibility for our environment in Quinte West more than the level we do. Not doing so does express the lazy, lacking ability to think about how we affect others and apathetic attitude that is much a reflection of the broken population of Quinte West. The poor but the not forgotten. We remember them in rebellious acts of littering, or the government buildings we can see them in & know why they are there. Which is why Quinte has a very active food drive budget with their community charities. 

Then there is the opposite! 🙂  Quinte West the airforce city. The city with standup citizens who do their part in the community. Many of the families who had loved ones in the military were also the best at working & volunteering in the community. Here you can see the people really trying to make the community work as an entire whole. 

The Service workers. Quinte West was actually an industrial town back when my parents were growing up here. Now the town is a service town that was massively impacted in a negative way by the missing wage the populace lived with before 2008. I always say sales, support & service were the skills I had to learn to even survive in Quinte West. Let alone to function. These human learned skills of survival are apart of what makes me confident that ultimate robots (robo-sourcing) cannot eliminate the need for human participation in our economy. 

The government workers & bureaucrats. These are the highest paid people are doctors, administrators & pencil pushers. The people who develop the community with the heightened ability to exchange high-quality knowledge & execution for currency. These would be the people using increased wages & increased ability to leverage capital who are increasing the efficiency of the wealth gap in Quinte West. Although the nurses’ doctors & support members of the community are essential. The politician leveraging capital on the failing projects & his wealthy American connections to take away from the integrity of the government.